Digital Totem Displays that Cause a Scene

At 2.0 concepts, we want you to have a successful and profitable advertising experience. Our digital signage options are always expanding to include new and innovative ways for you to display your promotions, services, or products. Carefully select where you want to advertise and make sure you’re always seen with our digital display totems.

Experience Center AV Technology

Take your brand to another level with an audio visual experience center that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. They’re a great way to show off your new app to potential investors and clients or to get people together in a creative environment. By inviting your audience and the consumers of your products to experience your brand up close in real life, you stand an excellent chance of building a lasting emotional connection with them that'll reflect in your revenue and conversion figures for years to come.


  • Interactive Displays
  • AR/VR Environments
  • Crystal-Clear Sound
  • Customized Experiences
  • Flexible Design Choices