5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

2021 Oct. 06

5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever experienced feeling extremely hungry after seeing a digital billboard slowly zooming in on a plump, juicy hamburger? Congratulations! Digital signage marketing has just successfully enticed you.

Grand View Research reports that in 2020, the global digital signage market was valued at USD 21.49 billion. And from 2021 until 2028, it is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 7.5%.

The increasing demand for digital promotions and advanced digital signage solutions is the primary driver of this growth.

If you haven't begun utilizing digital signage in your marketing campaigns, now is the time to start. Why? Because you're missing out on an excellent marketing opportunity.

If you're not convinced, perhaps this write-up on the five ways digital signage can improve your marketing campaigns will help.

1. Visually engage your audience with dynamic digital content

This is the most important reason for following the digital signage trend and installing indoor or outdoor LED panels. An outdoor LED display screen has the potential to engage your customers in a way that your non-digital marketing collaterals cannot.

For instance, you can show a company video on your outdoor fixed LED display. You can even play a viral TV ad on it. You cannot do the same on your non-digital billboard or poster.

Why is this important?

Because humans are highly visual creatures. In fact, our heavy dependence on visual cues has led our brain to develop so it can efficiently process visual information.

But why do digital billboards trump non-digital billboards? After all, the latter also displays visual content.

According to Inc., humans get distracted in eight seconds; and for some, it takes less than three seconds.

Thus, there is a need to differentiate your visual content. You should make it richer, more captivating. If humans have such short attention spans, make sure your visual content will catch your customers' attention and keep it for as long as you need to get your message across.

And to do this, you need dynamic content like videos.

And the jury is out.

According to Cisco, video consumption on mobile increased 17 times since 2012. According to Twitter Business, people are 10 times more likely to consume video tweets than the alternative. And according to Inc., people are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.

Other non-video content works as well. And that's the beauty of digital signages. Using a digital signage publishing platform, you can loop static content or show interactive content on your indoor or outdoor full color LED display. You just need to be creative.

2. Promote in context

You can use digital signages to roll out context-specific promotions. In other words, you will show your advertisement to people who are more likely to take advantage of it because of the context they're in or because of where they are.

For instance, on the LED screen on the vegetable aisle in your grocery, you can flash your 50% off promotion on specially marked lettuce. In the poultry section, you can promote your 30% sale on all dressed chickens. The digital menu board in your drive-thru lane can display the free drinks upgrade available to customers buying sandwiches.

You can also make timed promo roll-outs. Using an advanced content publishing platform, you can schedule a series of announcements.

The first will announce the details of an upcoming, in-context promo. And the second will announce the commencement of said promo.

Promoting in context will drive sales, of course. Some people will buy on impulse without careful evaluation just because of the urgency of your sales promotion.

But increased revenue is not the only benefit. In-context marketing also increases customer engagement and improves customer experience, both of which positively impact customer loyalty and retention.

3. Trigger impulse buys at points of sale

Ever wondered why there are always chocolates and a wide assortment of goodies at grocery checkouts? That's because people in checkout counters are more likely to be influenced into adding more things to their cart on impulse.

Customers lined up to pay are a captive audience; they're not going anywhere. Move specific products by showing them on LED screens facing the customers lined up at checkout counters.

Of course, make sure that the products shown on your digital signage are readily available on the checkout aisle so that customers can follow through with any impulse to buy.

4. Improve consumer brand perception

People in queues are captive audiences, too. They're looking for a distraction, and your indoor digital screens can provide that distraction.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your brand. Connect your indoor LED screens to a digital signage publishing tool, then loop through your company's stellar customer service reviews, awards, media mentions, and notable projects.

5. Encourage self service

Using interactive digital signage software, turn your LED screens into self-service kiosks. This will work in retail stores, restaurants, service companies, and most places of business.

By putting up self-service kiosks, you'll reduce customer wait times. Self-service digital screens can also empower customers.

For instance, in retail stores, you can set up a virtual fitting kiosk where customers can check the fit of clothes they're interested in without visiting the fitting room. In restaurants, customers can get more options when they order through an interactive digital screen.

The reduced wait times and sense of empowerment will improve the customer experience. Of course, they should increase revenue as well.

When people can fit many clothes without tiring themselves out with actual fittings, their chance of finding something they like increases. And people who can order food themselves won't have to wait for a server to make a purchase.

The possibilities are endless

Your indoor and outdoor LED screens can help you engage customers visually, market in context, trigger impulse buys, enhance your brand, and encourage self service. Ultimately, your digital signages can help you grow your revenue, increase customer engagement, and improve customer experience.

There are so many other creative methods of using digital signages to enhance your marketing efforts. If you are ready to explore the many digital signage solutions available to you, talk to us.

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