Digital Signage Statistics & Facts You Need to Know

2021 Jun. 10

Digital Signage Statistics & Facts You Need to Know

Digital signage architecture is useful for many different industries, from gaming, automated food ordering to news and interactive maps, giving businesses the power to get important information across in an attractive, entertaining and efficient manner. Here at 2point0 we are a leading digital signage company and are successful in developing digital signage software, hardware and content since being founded in 2011 in the Middle East. We are a network of technical experts and creative minds committed to developing the best quality products and services for our customers and recognised as one of the leading companies in this field through our unique modules, high-quality content integration capabilities, and first-class technology. There are many fields digital signage is utilised in, from retail, aviation, hospitality and the corporate world. At 2point0 Concepts, we understand the needs and demands of each varying industry and aim to provide the best technology to enhance their customers' experiences.

Digital Signage in Retail

Digital signage is an installation that displays multimedia content digitally on LED, LCD or projection screens for advertising or informational purposes. They are prominent in today's digital world, from shopping malls to airports, food courts and even bus stops, as a digital generation, we get constant streams of information we need straight to us, all thanks to digital signage. It is a great tool to get customers attention as it is easy to spot and provides instant and concise information. Having this knowledge, many companies use digital signage to bring customers into shops using bright colours and music, which makes it clear why 80% of shoppers admit that they have entered a store due to an external digital display. As it becomes a common and popular tool, many companies compete to lead in this sector, much like us at 2point0 Concepts. Digital signage can be an excellent way to promote your brand, especially in shopping centres as over 40% of shoppers say they have changed their minds on making purchases due to the information shown.

Digital signage is a transformative tool for retail brands around the world as with this they get up to 72% more attention than online ads, this shows that digital signage installations are a great way to enhance and promote your business by getting the attention that is needed from customers while also increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. As the leading company for digital signage in the Middle East, we understand the immense value of bringing together experts in audio, visual media and technology who can meet the needs of consumers to inform and make sales using digital signage installations. In the times of online ad and pop-up blockers, digital signage has become increasingly important for retailers as it is one of the best ways to get attention from customers, but also as these installations are on a larger scale and are visible in places where the majority of customers make purchases, digital signage has a customer recall rate of 83%, highlighting the impact these installations have on everyday customers.

There are three elements to digital signage; content, hardware and software. The content could be seen as the most important element as it is bright, engaging and attractive to viewers to get their attention. The content could be supported by audio to further grab attention and tell a story. The hardware element is the physical screen, mount or camera which allows the user to interact with the component and the software enables this through the internal infrastructure which manages the content that is shown through the hardware. At 2point0 Concepts, we are proud to provide these services and more to our clients to enable them to get the best out of their installations.

Digital Signage in Hospitality & Corporate Communications

The visitor experience is everything in the hotel industry. Hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, and other establishments improve their reputation by providing an exceptional guest experience, and digital signage plays an important part in today's tech-driven society. Presenting important information in a hotel establishment is best done by digital signage installations, as they can share a variety of information from check-in timings, welcome messages and emergency instructions in a fast and eye-catching way. As digital signage software improves, self check-ins are a great way to reduce waiting times in hospitality establishments as well as allow them to have more control over their bookings. This is clear as 55% of travellers communicated that they are more likely to book a hotel if it had self-check-in kiosks as opposed to the traditional check-in desks as they come across as more advanced, forward-thinking and luxurious.

Hospitality establishments, according to industry data, use digital signage to improve the guest experience in many key ways such as improving first impressions and adapting to accessibility and multilingual communication demands. As hotel guests form an opinion of an establishment in the first 10 minutes of arrival, digital signage delivers a great impression that can change guest perceptions in a positive way. The hotel industry has been transformed and elevated by digital self-check-in, pay and ordering kiosks, which speed up a variety of processes. Digital signage has aided hotel procedures and has adapted to the demands of different accessibility needs by providing different languages, easy access for disabilities and even security for check-out/check-in procedures. As hotel visitors come from all over the world, digital signage allows for multilingual communication on a new level as guests can do everything from check-in, check out, find local restaurants, call a taxi, browse event information, and more, in any language.

With corporate communications, companies want their employees to be productive and efficient during their working days. According to recent industry research, the use of internal communication platforms within the workplace increases employee productivity by 25% as digital screens provide information within the office to keep everyone informed and up to date. Providing a constant stream of internal communications within a workplace not only allows employees to be efficient but also allows them to give their opinions on tasks, workshops and events. Many Digital Signage installations allow users to click or press different selections on the screen, giving companies the options for adding polls, suggestion boxes and 'happiness meters' easily and interactively.

As we are a network of technical experts and creative minds dedicated to developing the highest quality products and services for our customers, we recognise the unique modules, high-quality content integration capabilities, and first-class technology that our clients need. Digital signage not only increases sales by attracting customers and being memorable, but it also improves corporate communications and aids accessibility within the hospitality and other industries. Here at 2point0 Concepts, we provide leading and successful digital signage installations from flexible LEDs, indoor/outdoor displays, menu boards, digital kiosks and more. Create your digital experience with us and contact us today.

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