7 Places Perfect for a Digital Information Board Display

2021 Dec. 14

7 Places Perfect for a Digital Information Board Display

Bulletin boards have long been used in offices, schools, waiting rooms and other communal areas to communicate important updates and notices.

Whatever kind of organization you are managing, all stakeholders must be well-informed. That includes both your workforce and your service users. Why? Because we all want to feel connected and part of something. Keeping people informed shows that you respect, value and appreciate them.

But, putting a paper-based noticeboard together is notoriously time-consuming. And is anyone taking notice anymore? Even updates displayed on television screens are underwhelming now. With higher user expectations, your information board may be getting overlooked.

State-of-the-art indoor LED displays are what you need to get your message noticed. And these have other significant benefits for you too, including reducing workload.

Here, we explore why you need to upgrade to digital information boards before giving you 7 examples of places that could benefit from them most.

Why upgrade to digital displays?

You need to get your message across effectively. Here’s how LED displays are going to do that:

Meet expectations

Your environment, whether it’s a school, office or gym, is accessed by an increasingly tech-savvy population. There is no doubt that expectations have shifted. Old-fashioned solutions for messaging, like posters, newsletters and flyers in pigeon-holes, are considered antiquated and not eco-conscious. Even emails are problematic because a surprisingly high percentage are ignored.

The expectation from the tech-savvy is that key messaging is up-to-date, presented concisely and that it is highly engaging. All this is achievable with digital LED displays.


Today’s LED signage offers you the opportunity to be more creative than ever before. With incredibly high-resolution and finer pixel pitch options, you can achieve displays that will stand out from the crowd. Artistic visual, photographic and video elements mean the possibilities are endless.

You are now able to build indoor display walls, powered by media players and LED controllers, of any shape and size. These are custom-built to suit your environment.

Flexible LED screens can be wrapped around columns and pillars. Transparent LED displays make innovative use of windows. There’s similar tech built for the outside, even the harshest weather. Today’s technology is designed to impress.

Get a flexible, scalable solution

A huge advantage of state-of-the-art digital displays is that they are so flexible and scalable for the user.

Once the technology is in place, it is incredibly straightforward to switch content. This means your message is always current. It can be scheduled to switch at set times and can be planned months in advance, or it can be adapted to suit a fast-changing situation.

You can easily build up a system of these displays that can be controlled centrally. Displays can be added or removed as necessary. The volume of displays will not affect your workload, unlike previous styles of bulletin boards.

7 places that need a digital information display system

Here are the most common and ideal places to display information digitally:

1. Waiting rooms

Digital displays are a great way to modernize your waiting room.

Let your service user know how long they may need to wait and push important updates through in real-time. This simplifies and speeds up communication between your staff and service users, freeing up valuable working hours. You can also use displays to promote other services of interest and other user-centric content.

2. Schools

In schools and educational campuses, LED displays and digital signage can be used for important building management updates to help the flow of students around the campus. They can be used to highlight and celebrate work and student achievements. They can also be used to provoke and promote thought and to inspire.

With the increasing use of video technology and interactive tools in the classroom, it is important that bulletin boards be used while keeping pace with the times.

3. Offices

In the workplace, modern digital displays help communicate key messages and promote your brand persona. Keeping your staff informed and engaged is essential for a happy workplace and for good staff retention rates. Distribute information instantly through strategically placed displays to ensure everyone is always up to speed.

4. Lobbies and community facilities

Keep your residents or service users up-to-date with all they need to know to make the most of your establishment. High-impact digital displays modernize the environment and are sure to be noticed.

5. Sports clubs and gyms

Timetables and fixtures are easily communicated through digital displays. With a network of displays, it is easy to update changes to venues or cancellations in real-time. Sports clubs and gyms are finding digital displays to be a far more effective communication method.

6. Conference rooms

Conferences need careful planning and excellent communication to succeed. Flexible digital displays can keep all attendees informed of where they need to be and when while also promoting your key messages.

7. Canteens

Food and beverage outlets serving high volumes of people need to communicate their menu choices clearly and concisely. Using high-quality digital displays streamlines communication and speeds up service.

Digital displays — a step in the right direction

LED displays could be a wise next step for your organization so that you can keep your stakeholders more engaged and informed than ever before.

You need to make sure you partner with the right digital signage provider. We can use our years of experience in the industry to make sure you find the right high-impact solution for your environment. Get in touch with us today.

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