Experience across multiple markets and sectors

2.0 Concepts has helped develop and then delivered and managed projects across a variety of different vertical markets. We have the in-house expertise and experience to work in environments that are complicated, and with organizations like airports and banks that require sensitivity and security.


Business communicators have recognized how the always-on, ever-present nature of digital signage improves their ability to keep staff and customers effectively informed, engaged and motivated. Screens positioned in the right places ensure people see what’s important, and communications go up and come down on orderly schedules.

How the screens are used

  • Replaces announcement posters in common areas and break rooms
  • Replaces emails with low open and read rates
  • KPI dashboards for departmental staff in full, regular view, instead of at weekly meetings
  • Meeting room signs
  • Interactive, self-guided employee on-boarding and training
  • Brand communications in public and guest areas

Other market sectors

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