Digital Totem Displays that Cause a Scene

At 2.0 concepts, we want you to have a successful and profitable advertising experience. Our digital signage options are always expanding to include new and innovative ways for you to display your promotions, services, or products. Carefully select where you want to advertise and make sure you’re always seen with our digital display totems.

Digital Hand Sanitizers

With the presence of Covid-19, there has never been a more important time to prioritize safety. Our touch-free digital hand sanitizers present a simple and effective hygiene solution that will keep your guests comfortable without interrupting their experience in your establishment. Featuring a clean, modern design that will blend seamlessly into any environment, these digital hand sanitizer dispensers are a must anywhere that people gather or pass through.


  • Entrance Lobbies
  • Hotel Receptions
  • Houses of Worship
  • Airports
  • Retail Shop Entrances