Experience across multiple markets and sectors

2.0 Concepts has helped develop and then delivered and managed projects across a variety of different vertical markets. We have the in-house expertise and experience to work in environments that are complicated, and with organizations like airports and banks that require sensitivity and security.

Financial Services

Retail banking faces many day to day challenges, and digital signage plays a big role in helping meet them. Banking branches have adopted digital screens in a variety of configurations to help new and existing customers through their branch visits, make them aware of offers, make them want to return, or possibly get them using mobile and automated solutions.

How the screens are used

  • Queue management
  • Displays of key numbers, such as interest and foreign exchange rates
  • Raise awareness of new services in branches
  • Promote product launches, such as credit cards, and partnerships
  • Corporate branding and community tie-ins
  • Connect on-site staff with customers

Other market sectors

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