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2.0 Concepts has helped develop and then delivered and managed projects across a variety of different vertical markets. We have the in-house expertise and experience to work in environments that are complicated, and with organizations like airports and banks that require sensitivity and security.


Digital signage is making a big difference in health care facilities, with the technology being applied in a variety of scenarios. Queue management systems and displays are being used in clinics to inform and occupy waiting patients and family members in clinics. Interactive stations, such as digital totems, are used to provide directories and way finding maps. The same meeting room sign technology used in office campuses is being used for patient rooms. And donor recognition is evolving from bronze plaques to interactive donor walls.

How the screens are used

  • Waiting room information screens
  • Queue management for busy clinics
  • Patient room door signage
  • Interactive donor video walls
  • Hospital branding
  • Way finding and directories

Other market sectors

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