Experience across multiple markets and sectors

2.0 Concepts has helped develop and then delivered and managed projects across a variety of different vertical markets. We have the in-house expertise and experience to work in environments that are complicated, and with organizations like airports and banks that require sensitivity and security.


Hotels and related services in the hospitality are hubs of activity for people who are mostly from somewhere else, and largely unfamiliar with the immediate surroundings and the city. They’re looking for advice and guidance, and digital signage plays an important role – whether that’s as interactive kiosks or lobby video walls. They also take much of the burden off busy hotel staff who can’t spare much time to provide advice and tips.

How the screens are used

  • Conference and banquet room door signage
  • Lobby directories for hotel services
  • Interactive virtual concierge for area attractions
  • Promotional displays for on-site restaurants and high-margin services, like spas
  • Promotion and interactive sign-up stations for loyalty programs
  • Social media walls showing happy posts and photos from guests

Other market sectors

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