Experience across multiple markets and sectors

2.0 Concepts has helped develop and then delivered and managed projects across a variety of different vertical markets. We have the in-house expertise and experience to work in environments that are complicated, and with organizations like airports and banks that require sensitivity and security.


Visual appeal is a big part of any retail experience, and many local, regional and global retailers use digital signage to drive a variety of needs and business goals. Most stores in major shopping malls now have screens as a standard component of their store designs.

How the screens are used

  • Reinforcing the brand
  • Highlighting promotions, specials and new products
  • Raising awareness of services and changes (like revised opening hours, new locations)
  • Interactive stations for product lookups and inventory checks
  • Instructional screens for complicated products, such as electronics
  • Order counter screens for products out of consumer reach or view

Other market sectors

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