How Digital Menu Boards Can Boost Your Revenue Fast

2022 Jan. 09

How Digital Menu Boards Can Boost Your Revenue Fast

Humans are visual creatures. We use half of our brain to process visual information. Plus, at least 65 percent of the general population are visual learners who rely on what they see more than their other senses.

Today, we have become even more reliant on this source of information in almost every aspect of our lives. As a result, consumers’ attention span gets shorter and shorter, making it more difficult for businesses to make a lasting impression.

Looking for innovations to make your restaurant more appealing in the eyes of your customers? Present your kitchen creations on digital menu boards today and boost your revenue fast by:

1. Overcoming obstacles in communication.

With menu display boards, you have more freedom to make your menus more attractive and appealing to potential customers. You can use different types of media – from videos to animation – to catch and maintain the attention of potential diners.

Digital menus also help clearly demonstrate the key message restaurants are trying to convey: how delicious their food really is. This is all thanks to the dynamic images and videos that capture details you wouldn’t be able to print on paper menus, like steam coming off a freshly cooked dish or floating bubbles and ice on fizzy thirst-quenchers.

Moreover, these digital sign boards allow better control over what is highlighted on the menu, making it possible for you to influence your customers’ orders indirectly.

2. Saving time and money when updating offerings.

Digital menus can also serve as an advertising space for different daily specials or celebrations like employee birthdays, store anniversaries, and other events. When you share these things with your customers, you cultivate closer ties with them beyond the store-to-consumer relationship you already have.

Even last-minute menu updates (like when one item is out of stock because an ingredient is all used up) that entails two to three different resources with printed menus can be done immediately on digital displays.

You also don’t have to worry about wasted money on reprints when you encounter errors in spelling, grammar, and need to make corrections on your digital menu.

3. Upselling and cross-selling products easily.

Digital menus also make upselling and cross-selling products easier, especially if they all go through a single POS system. These digital signages can show which items complement each other and boost the average order value of a restaurant.

4. Promoting new and lesser-known items.

Since you have complete control and easy access to your digital menu, you can choose to highlight new or lesser-known offerings that need some push. It’s so easy to redirect the spotlight to a few of these items that you can expect an increase in revenue potential for all your products without the need to realign your resources.

5. Maximizing foot traffic potential.

What use is a prime location with tons of foot traffic if you don’t use it to the fullest?

With digital display boards facing the busy thoroughfare outside your restaurant, you can attract people passing by and entice them to eat at your establishment. After all, that is why you chose the location, right?

Just remember to have a seasoned professional design your signage (or at least consult with one) to ensure that you have dynamic and engaging visuals for your promotions and offerings.

6. Supporting rotating menus in a snap.

Restaurants that offer varied offerings for different times of the day also benefit from the ease of transition offered by digitizing their menus.

With this, you can set your menu boards to show only what’s currently available without needing to go through so much trouble in replacing the signboards on the counter. These digital signages also make it easier for guests to decide what to order since the unused menus will no longer take up part of their attention.

More importantly, you don’t have to remember to switch menus throughout the day. Digital signboards can be programmed to switch automatically according to the time of day through time-parting. That means they’ll only show the dinner menu once the time you’ve set for lunch ends.

7. Selling advertising space.

Even after you’ve fully optimized your digital menu boards to support an increase in your restaurant’s sales, you can still get one more thing from it: advertising revenue.

Digital menus always get people’s attention for obvious reasons. So why not take advantage of it and pick from the low-hanging fruit by selling advertising space? You can choose among the non-competing businesses in the area, as well as your suppliers, vendors, and partners.

If you’re not keen on putting other brands unrelated to your business into your digital signages, you also have the choice to offer the space for “free” promotion to those you usually pay for something in exchange for added value or discounts on their offerings. Talk about a “win-win” situation.

Optimize Digital Displays for Revenue

When optimized and carefully designed, digital menus can push restaurant sales up, instantly.

Want to make digital signages for your restaurant more appealing?

We also offer audio-visual consultancy services to help integrate your digital strategy with the industry’s best practices and trends.

Let’s talk about your restaurant’s future today.

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