Kuwait Oil Company’s Burgan Collaboration Center provides a collaborative work environment for engineers, with state-of-the-art visualization, communication and collaboration technologies for management of digital information and improved decision making. 2.0 worked with partner DeLite Engineering to bring the center to life.

What we delivered

  • Barco Videowall
  • Smart Glass (Turns Opaque + Transparent with touch of button)
  • Ideum Presenter Series Touch-wall/board
  • Systems integration
  • Custom furniture fabrication
  • Turnkey fit-out

The Center’s Collaborative Work Environment encourages communication, teamwork and integration of the technology, people and processes. Experts across KOC can work together to diagnose problems and identify smarter opportunities and agree actions more quickly and easily.


The goal of the center is to use technology to reduce the collaboration cycle from what can be weeks, to minutes.

The Collaboration Center has the latest multimedia systems, teleconferencing equipment, visual display walls, security systems and touch screens to improve data analysis and collaborative decision-making. To deliver that, 2.0 worked with DeLite on a custom learning environment that adjusts by circumstance and need.

The classroom desks and monitors can be arranged so everyone faces a massive digital control room display at the front of the area, or the desks are on custom tracks that allow them to be spun around to create huddle spaces, with the monitors capable of being collapsed to create a discussion table environment.