Dubai Holding is a global investment conglomerate operating in 14 countries and employing more than 20,000 people. The diversified company owns telecoms and residential and commercial real estate, but is perhaps best known for luxury resort properties like the Burj Al Arab, repeatedly voted the world's most luxurious hotel. 2.0 was hired to integrate digital into the company’s new headquarters building.

What we delivered

  • Unique 8-panel LCD video wall
  • Displays in soft seating areas
  • Displays along busy office corridors
  • Media sharing technology
  • Content management system
  • Custom content feeds

The feature display in the group’s innovation-rich new headquarters is a four screen wide by two tall LCD video, using narrow bezel LCD displays set in portrait (vertical) mode. Built into the center-facing wall of an elevator column, the display faces into a central common area that includes seating.


Content around the building is driven by Appspace’s content management system, and programming includes subscription content feeds developed by Seenspire.

The display is used for corporate communications, but also multi-tasks for larger group presentations that can be organized and staged in the central area. Surround sound was built into the video wall design and is synchronized with any audio elements of presentation content.

The office block has numerous single 55-inch displays dispersed around the facility. also running corporate communications. 2.0 also provided meeting sharing technology from Barco, enabling multiple meeting participants to easily share their laptop screens.