Just as Nike stays ahead of the game in the footwear & sports fashion industry they are also excelling ahead in digitally enhancing their retail locations with large transparent LED Displays and purposefully placed digital technology to showcase their latest trends. 2point0 Concepts is proud to be part of this project. Below is what has been delivered:

What we delivered

  • Transparent Facade LED Display
  • Media Players
  • Design & Working Drawings
  • Installation, Testing & Configuration

Nike has implemented Transparent LED facades at many of their locations around the middle east allowing them to display new content on a moments notice. The LED Displays are up to 90% transparent and are connected to a centralized content management system running over the internet.

The LED display system is suspended from the ceiling with bracing brackets in place to stabilize the system. When the screen is displaying content you are able to visualize it like any other display; however, during pauses and when content is created without a background you can see right through the screen into the store.

2point0 Concepts provides turn-key audio visual solutions from design through to installation and maintenance. If you are interested in an audio visual solution please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.