Digital Totem Displays that Cause a Scene

At 2.0 concepts, we want you to have a successful and profitable advertising experience. Our digital signage options are always expanding to include new and innovative ways for you to display your promotions, services, or products. Carefully select where you want to advertise and make sure you’re always seen with our digital display totems.

Turnkey Meeting Rooms

There is no doubt that video conferencing, premium audio and interconnected technology is the future of conference rooms. Especially these days, with so many people working from different places, you need to ensure that every member of your team has access to all the information they need. This is why having collaborative meeting rooms and equipping them with cutting-edge technology is absolutely essential.


  • Video Conferencing
  • Boardrooms
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Streamlined Communication