Digital Totem Displays that Cause a Scene

At 2.0 concepts, we want you to have a successful and profitable advertising experience. Our digital signage options are always expanding to include new and innovative ways for you to display your promotions, services, or products. Carefully select where you want to advertise and make sure you’re always seen with our digital display totems.

2.0 Concept People Counting Technology

We provide our clients with automated people counting systems that count and analyze how people move around a venue and how they respond to screens. Anonymous, sensor-based technologies can develop reports and visuals like charting and heat maps to show where people go, where they dwell and detail what content gets attention and what gets ignored.

Digital People Counter Applications Include:

  • Understanding viewer characteristics by time and date, gender and even emotion
  • Visual heat maps and charts that show busy and slow areas, and areas where people dwell
  • Analysis and directions on what content works, and what gets ignored
  • Understanding of how long people view screens
  • Cues for staffing levels, putting sales people where customers go
  • Real-time content triggering based on people counts

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