The moment we’ve all been waiting for…….. Zoom 5.0 is here!

2020 May. 04

With Zoom 5.0 now here the upgraded version promises stricter encryption, better protecting user’s data and thwarting ‘Zoombombing’. With lockdowns across the globe disrupting work, education and leisure activities many have turned to the platform as a solution to staying in touch with colleagues, friends and family.

Zoom’s security and privacy have come under scrutiny in several countries and with hundreds of millions of users coming onboard in the last month the developer has worked fast to address misinformation and fix the issues. Eric Yuan, Zoom’s chief executive said in a statement on the matter “we will earn our customer’s trust and deliver them happiness with our unwavering focus on providing the most secure platform.”

Some of the issues with the app talked about in the news included sending user’s device information to Facebook. After reviewing the popular ‘Log-in with Facebook’ feature, Zoom realised that the Facebook SDK was collecting data unnecessary for Zoom providing services. As of the 27th March Zoom removed the Facebook SDK from the iOS client and reconfigured the feature so that users would be able to log in to Facebook through their browser.

What Else To Expect

Screenshare watermarks, audio watermarks and an in-meeting security icon are just a few of the exclusive features Zoom identified that other cloud video communication providers lack, the question of data and user safety is paramount to their service and for that reason, under constant review. Additions of watermarks, passwords and ID’s are all part of Zooms continued dedication to user security.

Default meeting security settings are now enabled to keep uninvited guests out. Zoom is securer than ever before, from the time of installation. Randomly generated meeting ID’s, meeting passwords and participant waiting room are also working to keep you safe. It’s always best to exercise a certain amount of caution when sharing details of your meeting, especially if it is of a sensitive nature.

Since the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns consumed the lives of half the planet, Zoom reported that in less than three months there was an increase of nearly three hundred million new users. The data and security of ALL users, old and new, lies at the heart of everything Zoom do.

With such a massive surge in users fears have increased over the safety issues relating to the app, Mr Yuan apologised for any perceived short comings and insisted any found, would be addressed, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the new found necessity for these types of app.

Zoom v5.0 features upgraded encryption which will safeguard meeting data, data routing control, improved host control and more.

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