Reach Your Customers Through Innovative Visual Communications

High-impact visual communications can do everything – from improving your visitor’s experiences and educating customers to driving sales and raising key performance indicators on a production floor.

We at 2.0 Concepts have a wide range of digital signage products that are designed to suit your needs and solve your problems. From various kinds of LED displays to video walls to digital kiosks to space management solutions, our selection is designed to impress even the most discerning client.

Why 2.0 Concepts is Right for You

We have carefully selected and developed partnerships with the top digital signage providers, and source the latest interactive and workplace communication technologies available globally. Our in-house experts attend major trade shows and meet steadily with innovative companies to find quality products that are effective, reliable and fully supported in this region.

We save clients months and even years of unnecessary research and testing time, and save them money through the mistakes they never make in sourcing the wrong products.

Where is Digital Signage Effective

Retail Marketing and Branding

Make your brand stand out with strong, visual branding that can change everything. Our team at 2.0 Concepts is standing by, ready to help you shine.

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Workplace Communications

Keep your employees more engaged and productive by adding workplace tech that will make office life easier for you and your team.

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Self-Guided Learning

Places such as museums and exhibits can often be hurried and crowded. A digital guide allows these customers to take their time and learn at their own pace.

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Digital Menu Displays

Whether for restaurants, admissions, service counters or something else, having a digital menu makes what you’re offering look much more appealing.

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Advertising and Promotions

Got a sale? A new product launch? Maybe you have an idea for an experiential ad that will make jaws drop? Everything is possible with 2.0 Concepts.

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Visual Navigations

Nobody wants their guests getting lost rather than doing what they came to do. Our revolutionary visual navigation systems will ensure they’re always on track.

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  • Retail marketing and branding
  • Workplace communications
  • Mass transport hub wayfinding
  • Self-guided learning at museum and exhibits
  • Digital menu displays for restaurants, admissions and service counters
  • Advertising and promotions