Digital Totem Displays that Cause a Scene

At 2.0 concepts, we want you to have a successful and profitable advertising experience. Our digital signage options are always expanding to include new and innovative ways for you to display your promotions, services, or products. Carefully select where you want to advertise and make sure you’re always seen with our digital display totems.

Digital Signage in Saudi Arabia & Across the Middle East

High-impact visual communications can do everything – from improving visitor experiences and educating customers to driving sales and raising key performance indicators on a production floor.

Digital signage solutions can be in everything – from an interactive touchscreen station to a massive LED video wall.


  • Retail marketing and branding
  • Workplace communications
  • Mass transport hub wayfinding
  • Self-guided learning at museum and exhibits
  • Digital menu displays for restaurants, admissions and service counters
  • Advertising and promotions