Everything needed to create, build and run your network

The experienced digital signage experts at 2.0 Concepts offer a comprehensive range of services all geared to ensuring excellence of any digital signage project, regardless of scale or complexity. We can help clients develop the concept and solution design, take on the complicated tasks of solution design and sub-contracting, install the technology and then manage the network. We can on as much, or as little, as the client requires.

Solution Design

As Digital Signage Architects, we help our clients develop the solution design – the concept, business case and content model for a project. We help them understand their objectives and how digital displays can help realize them. We help shape the content programming model. We help with resource allocation and budgeting, and we ensure the right technology is designated for the right places – so that the screens make a clear, measureable difference.


With a plan in place, we help clients Engineer the right solution. We work with all the stakeholders to understand the optimal technology to meet the defined objectives, and then spend the time at the venues and over the drawings make sure the right, cost-effective equipment for the job has been selected, and the operating model will work and be reliable, safe and secure.

Hardware Procurement

We use our experience, industry contacts and buying power to ensure Hardware Procurement is done properly and hits or even lowers budgets. We ensure clients have the appropriate software and hardware for the job, and handle as much of ordering, tracking, shipping and testing as clients want reducing multiple points of contact.


We handle most Installations directly, project-managing all aspects of the planning and execution plan for jobs. We have in-house project management and installation capabilities, and access to skilled, subcontracted tradespeople to handle jobs of any scope or scale. We respect the practical limits presented by venues, and understand the sensitivities of facilities like banks and busy retail sales floors.

Measurement & Optimization

Once a network is installed and operating, we offer the insights, expertise and applicable technologies available for Measurement and Optimization. We work with you to accurately understand how people are viewing content, where and when, and make the subtle or big changes needed to maximize the opportunity and the investment.

Managed Services

Don’t have time or staffing to properly run and maintain a digital signage network? No problem. We can do that for you, through our Managed Services team. We can handle all the scheduling, content distribution and network monitoring and troubleshooting, so you can focus on core business activities. We can also handle your creative content requirements and maintenance services.