The Pros & Cons of Using Digital Signage

2021 Jul. 10

The Pros & Cons of Using Digital Signage

The decision to shift from traditional signage to an outdoor LED display screen, an indoor LCD video wall system, or any digital signage is not something anyone can take lightly.

To help you decide if shifting to digital signages is worth it, we put together a list of the benefits and disadvantages of using digital signages.

Pros of Using a Digital Signage

The following are some of the things that recommend making the shift to digital signages.

1. Striking

An outdoor full color LED display can be more eye-catching than even the most creative of traditional signages. The colors, configurations, and possibilities are virtually endless when you go digital.

As a case in point, Microsoft's digital video wall system at the facade of its flagship store in New York highlighted how digital displays could captivate the imagination.

Microsoft's video wall displayed content that, taken in the context of the storefront's facade, created a mesmerizing optical illusion. It was as if the building's facade was changing and transforming before everyone's eyes.

Inside your store, you can use digital signages to showcase your hottest products. In your company offices, use digital signages to add a riveting focal point here and there or to change the mood and theme of your interior design.

2. Dynamic and Interactive

Digital signages allow you to display more dynamic content.

You can play a video or a slideshow on your outdoor advertising LED display screen. A video or a slideshow is definitely more interesting than a static image, no matter how alluring it is.

And not only can you show videos or slideshows on your digital screen. With the help of interactive digital signage software, you can make your LED displays interactive.

Applications include self-ordering digital kiosks in restaurants. On the other hand, cosmetic retail outlets can set up an interactive digital display that their customers can use to try on color cosmetics.

A brand can also put up an outdoor, full color LED display on a busy street intersection then let people interact with it via the brand's mobile app.

For instance, a sportswear brand can put up an ad that shows a celebrity endorser kitted out in the brand's ensemble, waiting to block goals. Through the brand's mobile app, anyone can attempt a winning goal kick that the celebrity endorser on the screen may or may not successfully block.

3. Creative and Innovative

Since digital signages display digital content, digital signages will give you more creative license than traditional signages.

As a case in point, British Airways' digital display in Piccadilly Circus showed a little boy looking up when an airplane passed overhead and then correctly identifying the aircraft's flight number and itinerary.

This digital billboard ad is creative and innovative, to say the least. To pull this off, British Airways only needed real-time flight information.

They used an advanced digital signage content management system to integrate the correct flight information onto the screen and trigger the video of the little boy moving on the screen.

4. Fresh and Relevant

Digital signages also ensure you don't have to put up with outdated ads. The moment a campaign ends, you can immediately pull down the ads that correspond to that campaign. This improves customer experience; there won't be customers inquiring about a promo that has already ended.

You can also carefully time your digital ad displays to show specific content on different days and different times, depending on who is likely to see them.

For instance, if your store data indicates that teenagers come to your store on weekends, your indoor LED video wall can show ads targeting this demographic only on the weekends. For the rest of the week, your digital displays can show ads targeting other market segments.

Cons of Using a Digital Signage

After discussing the arguments in favor of using digital signages, let us look at some of the objections people might have about it.

1. Expensive

Digital signages make use of display screens, whether LCD, LED, or variants thereof. And such hardware can be expensive.

More creative installations, such as those requiring flexible LEDs to curve around columns and assume various shapes are even more costly.

Unfortunately, while you can readily compute the cost of your digital signages, it is not as easy to calculate the returns you get from them. And that may sometimes make it harder for people to accept the digital shift.

However, it is worth noting that once you have your digital signages set up, they should last you a long time. Unlike traditional billboards and signages that you need to replace every time you launch a new campaign, digital display screens can be used repeatedly.

Moreover, the improvement in customer engagement and experience resulting from digital signages should easily offset the initial cost of setting them up.

2. Complicated to Set Up

To the uninitiated, getting a digital signage going can be daunting.

Aside from the digital displays, you will need content designed for your digital displays. You also need digital signage software.

However, you can outsource your design needs. Or hire a design genius who will take charge of your company's creative display ideation and execution. That should take care of the need for fresh digital content to run on your digital displays.

And to manage your network of digital display screens, all you need is a correctly set up digital signage content management system.

With that in place, you can time and shuffle content across your digital displays and seamlessly create engaging, targeted, and personalized customer experiences using digital signages.

Shift to Digital Now

Deciding to shift to digital signages can be difficult, indeed. Setting up digital signages can be expensive and complicated. However, the benefits categorically outweigh the disadvantages.

Through digital signages, you can catch your audience's attention with your interactive, dynamic, creative, innovative, fresh, and relevant digital content.

And setting up should be easy with our help. We have all that you need to get started. Contact us.

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