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Keep Training Accessible Throughout the Pandemic

Global pandemic or not, your staff will always be in need of direction. Keeping everyone up to speed and on the same page may now be more important than your average day in the office. With much of the worlds work force working remotely, any training or refresher programs necessary to the smooth operation of your business will likely be run online.

There are several features within the Zoom app that can help you along when delivering training to one or more members of staff. We’re going to take a look at the best tools for the job.


Screensharing gives you or your call participants the ability to share an application (such as PowerPoint) or a desktop window with the guests. This means that everyone in the call will be able to see what is happening on the screen. With an app such as PowerPoint, you’re able to deliver a presentation exactly as you would if it was on a screen in a training room.

You can select who you want to be able to screenshare at the start of your meeting. Therefore, it is worthwhile considering how much guest participation your training will require before you begin the session.

Zoom share screen


Another feature (available on desktop) is the ability to annotate or make notes over the screen being shared. This can also be allocated to other guests in the call, rather than just the host. The annotation will allow you to make live notes or markers that are visible to guests over your screenshare.

Another feature within the annotate option is the whiteboard. This feature does what it says on the tin. A whiteboard will replace your video feed and you will be presented with a set of pen tools. You can then treat your screen as a whiteboard that will be shared or used by all your meeting participants.

File Sharing

File sharing can be used if you have any material such as presentations, pictures, Dropbox links, playlists, etc. Any materials you wish for your guests to view after the meeting or offline can be sent via this feature. You can choose to send files to individuals or to the entire group.

You might be delivering mass training to your entire team, or a one to one refresher with your understudy. Regardless of the size, Zoom’s functionality is designed with distance in mind. For more information on hosting meetings, check our Zoom essentials blog here.

zoom file sharing
zoom file sharing 2

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