Kuwait’s largest national oil company tasked 2.0 with designing and delivering the digital side of a VIP Executive Lounge Experience, developed to offer important KPC clients and guests high levels of comfort and convenience, while exuding luxury and elegance.

What we delivered

  • 12-screen, 3 by 4 video wall
  • 70-inch collaborative touch screen
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Content management system
  • Designed to fit and blend seamlessly with interior styling
  • Project management

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is focused on the exploration, refining, production and transportation of petroleum, with annual revenues exceeding $250 billion. KPC has 11 subsidiary companies under its umbrella and supplies oil and gas domestically and internationally.


Based in Kuwait City, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is the world's seventh-largest oil and gas company by revenue.

Part of the experience of being in KPC’s VIP Executive Lounge is stunning three screen tall by four wide LCD video wall that reinforces the company and its brand through high impact visuals. A collaboration screen embedded into a wall in the softly lit lounge is available for KPC to work with guests on ideas and shared information.

The lounge screens runs off a powerful content management system delivered by 2.0.